Monday, September 17, 2007

World Cup me hole..............

SL encouraged me to take a pop off the Irish rugby team for my next post, instead I thought it would be better to put forward means through which we can distract ourselves while our World Cup falls apart.

1) How about checking out Sebastian Chabal as he...

breaks an All Black's jaw with his head.

creases Chris Masoe so much so that he can't stand up again (11secs in)

or gets ridden by the Munster pack.

2) How about laugh as we reflect on the day that Donnacha O'Callaghan played in his pants?

3) We could remember the day when Keith Wood sparked an international incident when he decked a cameraman.........

Oh I'm so depressed......................


  1. How bizarre. The pants episode brightened my day. I might even start watching Rugby if they adopted that as a uniform.

  2. But at least you've brightened up Jo's day Tib :) Great, great clips and far more entertaining than watching actual rugby.

  3. TG - I have a fantasy in my head that I can't help but secretly believe that our team have been playing a poker hand the last 2 games and they'll be all guns blazing next Fri and do what they should have done a million times to those French [insert expletive of choice] I totally f-ckin hate them for beating us all the time.