Sunday, September 30, 2007

WTF is a pasty?

I saw this for the first time yesterday on UKTV Gold. It appears to be an ad for a pasty chain. I don't think I've ever even had a pasty. So why am I fascinated by it?

Not happy with that at all.

At least it has temporarily brightened up my Sunday.


  1. It's the food of the English - they're obsessed with pies - a pasy is like a folded over pie, scalloped round one edge, you can eat it in your hand I suppose is he benefit.

    Someone wrote Mc Donald's saying it was the quintesential English food, dating back to before Roman times, and were they condsidering putting it on the menu - they were not...

  2. Oh my God have you never eaten a cornish pastie. You aint lived mr living.

  3. I've had them in England but I wouldn't be mad into them or anything.

  4. I kind of have an idea as to what they are, just not too sure as to why I'm fascinated by this ad, or maybe more the concept of a pasty chain.