Saturday, October 27, 2007

Big House Envy

I went for lunch in Powerscourt today, I haven't been there in a while. I've gone a lot my whole life, more since Avoca opened there. I think the food's nicer, and fresher, than it is in Kilmac for some reason.

We go every Christmas, buy our tree, eat lunch, maybe see Santa and the reindeer, nice addition to the day.

I've been going there since I was a kid, and every time I drive up the avenue, or look out on the Sugar Loaf, I'm filled with envy and avarice. Much as I think it's criminal that any individual ever laid claim to such beauty, or took it away from the people who actually lived on the land, I WANT IT! I wish it was my house, I wish I woke up every morning and opened my shutters and curtains and gazed out on the beautiful view.

I've met one of the Slazenger boys, and to be honest I wouldn't mind waking up and gazing at him every morning either! We've been invited to two parties up there and have had to turn both invites down, I'm disgusted.

My husband's grandfather worked there long ago, and his Dad was actually born there, which I think is kind of cool. Apparently his mother's father used to poach their rabbits, and his paternal grandfather would turn a blind eye. Cute.

Anyway, I think having Powerscourt so nearby really enhances living in Bray - I'm so grateful that all that beauty is accessible, and I love that Avoca is there too - I saw some perfect stocking presents today! My mother in law suggested going down to look at the hotel, but I had visions of us gawping at the rich folk as guards swept us out of the way of the wealthy people and Gordon Ramsey shouted abuse from a window :)


  1. I love big houses too. I've been to Powerscourt a good few times but being a northsider, I've been to Newbridge demesne a lot more. That's my favourite for wandering round. Back in July I visited Blenheim palace near Oxford - very nice.

    I think building these houses was more than worth the kicking a few plebs off the land. Just as I appreciate past autocracies that could build great artistic wealth. Democracy & capitalism just don't
    make for great art & culture like in the past.

  2. Jo that story of your husband's grandparents sounds like a great movie!

  3. I have to totally agree with you it is great for the county of Wicklow, and I am sure the folk at Enniskerry will say Powerscourt is theirs, but hey we here in Bray outnumber them so bring on the fighting.

    Funny thing is I think a lot of people have had some sort of connection with Powerscourt, my Father in law I found out on my last visit restored the massive winged horses down at the main lake, and Paula frequents the spa there :-D