Friday, October 05, 2007

Getting broody !!X*???

What the fuck??

Ok so I am getting a bit older that's fine I still love watching cartoons, reading fantasy novels, playing computer games and all sorts of other things that "adults" are generally meant to stop loving at a certain stage in their lives.

But now something strange is happening to me. My brother as you may or may not know has a little baby girl. She is very cool.

I have been for a long time one of those people who 1: never had any inclination towards having children and 2: have felt that even if I did, would it be fair to bring a child into the world we live in today?

I now kinda want one..........

It would be nice to have someone to teach about the world and who I can in turn learn from. Someone that you can see grow and develop both mentally and physically. Someone that can provide for me when I get old and decrepit :)

I am 31 now, so even if I had a kid in 9 months time I would be 50 by the time they are 18. I guess men have a biological clock as well as women except we don't have to worry about our bits not working at a certain time.

Still this whole getting broody thing is freaking me out a bit. Very unlike me to say the least.

Remind me to slap you round the head for this Shen.... You and your cool baby....


  1. oh my god well your father and i are still waiting for 1 of you lot to look after us also at your age i had all of u and believe me it is harder the older u are .oh by the way i started a new job today see i still have to look after myself

  2. Wait a that your MOM?! Whoo hoo!! That's so freaking kewl!

  3. Idiot and Shan's mother. You're kidding, right? Hello Mrs. IdiotShan!

    Id, they don't tell us about it but there is a male biological clock too. I had my first at 24 and was finished by the time I was your age. Each to their own.

  4. Idiot you could always "borrow" someone's kids for a few days. That'd sort that out I'd say... ;-)

  5. Yo Mum, nice to see you commenting isnt it nice seeing your boys getting older and more responsible.#

    Idiot what does your other half make of this broodyness, is this the reason for the babysitting offer????

  6. If you were my son, I'd say, are you happy? have you reached a point in your life where you are happy with your lot in life and what you have to give? Are you so secure in your relationship that you can withstand anything? If you answer yes then you should fire ahead.

  7. I thought about this more I over the last day or so. You might not think yourself the parentla type now but the microsecond you have one in your arms after they're born it switched on and becomes the greatest thing that's ever happened to you, and cool too.

  8. Ah, now, wait a minute there SL. Maybe for dads it's that way, but for moms, forget it. We have too much pressure to say that, but most I know didn't feel that way (and some still don't!).

    I'm not a parental type in any way (both ours were surprises), but my partner is. Again, I'm a good actress. But if you ask him, you'll know how miserable I feel most days about it.

  9. Point taken Polka. I will qualify that by saying that, of course, I am only talking from personal experience and can't speak for anyone else.