Friday, October 05, 2007

Hey fever! come and get me!.....the Survey

When I was in school, only the coolest and poshest girls had hay fever and so it was an incredibly cool ailment to have. Not far behind was asthma. Yea, yea, it's a horrible thing to live but at 15 it was also very fashionable.

Do you have any other examples of cool ailments from days gone by?


  1. There was a period back in the 90s when it was very cool to have glasses, those small rimmed ones.

    Then when it was out of fashion those of us with sight ailments were the subject of abuse not seen since Hulk Hogan went toe to toe with Randy Savage in the WWF

  2. Ooo, TG, you watch Hulk Hogan's reality show don't you? Go on, admit it!

  3. I did until they claimed that Brooke is in reality not a tranny.
    Lost all credibility then

  4. Not as good as his battles with the epic Andre The Giant.

    I had an ailment towards the end of my school days that some of you know about but it was far from cool, more something that made you an object of fear? Disdain? Humour?