Monday, October 08, 2007

Im going to the zoo tomorrow.

Warning : This post is not intended for those people who think zoos are just a big circus act and animals should not be kept in cages

I am off to Dublin Zoo tomorrow since myself and Mrs Shan have a day off, and I cant wait.

I love animals, always have and always will, and the great thing is baba Shan has gained this trait of mine.

Since she was born she has been around animals I have a 4 foot aquarium loaded with tropical fish, I have a pond with more fish and had up till recently 2 finches which were my first babies, (unfortunately after 8 years mal died and sing sing is hanging in there). My mother has 3 dogs which are shan jr's favorite animal and a cat, and 3 or 4 months ago her child minder bought a boxer from pup.

So tomorrow is my first time to go back in over 7 years to a place I loved as a kid, and will be my young ones first time to enter the park, I know she will love it, and I am sure the picture opportunities I will get are going to be fantastic.


  1. They've done wonders with it in recent years Shan. The new Elephant enclosure is great as is the City Farm and the tiger enclosure and make sure you get to see the cute piglets that were on the news tonight.

    African Plains is a double edged sword. Great for the animals, obviously but makes them very hard to see and it's a fairly long trek round.

    Definitely stop in the Meerkat restaurant just inside the main gate up on the right hand side.

  2. We paid a visit earlier in the Summer and loved it! Have a great day, it should be quiet as all the kids are at school (last Saturday when the weather was good the queue outside was huge!)

  3. Animals are not part of my world, there are many evils I'd suffer before going to a zoo. I don't care enough about animals to care that they're trapped in a cage. I just wonder how anyone could be interested in looking at them, and actually spending time getting to a place where they have to look at them. Each to their own I say, and for me, I'm staying well away.