Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Let's have a Heated Debate!

I think the Aero is far superior to the Wispa- creamy, rather than crumbly, fatty chocolate, big bubbles that pop instead of little ones that just dissipate.... and what's with the word 'wispa'? Why is 'whisper' in a cockney accent a good name for a bubbly chocolate bar? Nah, doesn't do it for me....


  1. Jesus no. Aero of any variety is far, far superior. Chunky Kit-Kat is the king though.

  2. No my votes for Wispa, hands down. They're just gorgeous.....mmmhh.

    The chunky kit kat thing is odd isn't it? On they're own Kit Kat's are so boring, but chunky's really rule!

  3. Sorry, there should be an apostrophe in "vote's".

  4. I vote Aero, that is not to say that I dont enjoy the wispa though - lovely for dipping in a cup of tea and sucking the choccie off... aeros tend to disintegrate faster during this process, despite the superior flavour of the chocolate.

  5. Tib doesn't like chocolate. Explains a lot ;) I had my first one today and in fairness it's better than I remember it being (either that or they've changed it?) Truly great moment happened when my son glanced at it and said "What's a wipsa?"

  6. TB - how could you speak such blasphemy?? I thought I knew you. sob..

    I vote for peppermint aero. Normal aero is much, wouldn't go near it if I was strung out for some chocolate. Wispa, nyeh, take it or leave it. Haven't tried the new ones yet but I will soon.

    As for kit-kat - see my top ten from a few months back.

  7. Grabbed an Aero at Connolly today; will seek a Wispa tomorrow and discover my true calling.

    Kit Kat Chunky is my always-and-forever. They weren't in the US for a long time, which was excruciating. Almost as bad as the weird different taste of Dr Pepper in Europe.

    Dr Pepper, my true cocaine. There should be a support group. "Hi, I'm Atreus and I'm a Pepper."

    "Hi, Atreus."