Monday, October 15, 2007

Look at me

I'm fairly lost for inspiration recently and trying not to spend every evening at home on the laptop (very unsocial that) so maybe just some photos I took in the last while?

This was how they presented my dessert at dinner the other night. It's a pannacotta. It made me smile.

And this I saw outside the Zoo the other day. You know the area where the traders sell the crappy stuffed toys? When I were a lad it used to be cans of coke and monkey nuts and obviously it was the era when ring pulls still came off in your hand (had to explain this concept to my son).

There should be one of those blue heritage plaques beside it.


  1. oh my God...those little rings are from ring pull cans? i never put those two together

  2. I did notice leaf patterns all over the place at the zoo last week but I missed the ring pulls would have made a great shot for my photoblog. I think the designers really wanted to hang on to some of the charm of the past.

    Those damn ring pulls could really cut your fingers open though as I remember.

  3. You can still get them ring pulls on cans in Jordan.

  4. My dessert was better, warm chocolate tart, the best I've ever had, everytime I go there the dessert is so good (I'm awful I love starters and dessert, mains are always just a bit of a chore). They do amazing malty vanilla ice cream, or the banana ice cream, real chunks of banana. Back to the choc tart, crumbly buttery pastry, and the filling, just warm, just slightly melty but still solid....oh god. Now that's oral sex!

  5. Oh Fitzy, you didn't just say that did you? You are SO young.