Tuesday, October 02, 2007

nothing really

I'm happy to see I'm not the only one who isn't posting - but I can feel SL's frustration from here. Nothing has happened to me this week -
  • I'm in the middle of mountains of washing and ironing and drying conditions are poor :(

  • As predicted, I've eaten all the cookies, (not me, not my cookies!) with a little help - and just before the holiday too! Why did I make a double batch?

  • I've bought a nice red suitcase, even though I have to admit I could have done without it.

  • I watched a good bit of House of Flying Daggers and enjoyed it, but it wasn't moving like Crouching Tiger, which made my throat swell up it was so tragic! Maybe I didn't watch it consistently enough to get into the mood, but the characters were strangely unaffecting.

  • The Juice have just sent their cd to the printers today, so the Launch gig should be in a few weeks. whee!

  • I was thinking of making a vegetable crumble for dinner but when I go stand in the kitchen couldn't be arsed. I need a housewife intervention.

  • There are monster spiders everywhere. Could someone buy me one of those weird things on poles for catching them that were advertised in the Irish Times? Magic idea.]
  • keynoter left a message on my blog saying how lovely my baby was and what a great photo! Yikes, it was neither my baby or my photo, but a google image baby! There's a reason not to put your children online, they end up as anonymous generic images on other people's blogs!
  • That's enough of that.


  1. Frustration?




    Glad to see I'm not the only one with the monster spiders. Or the mosquitos. Or the bedbugs.