Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Party On!

Hey guys, thanks to everyone who came to our gathering on Saturday night, I would have thanked you before now but I haven't stopped partying!

4am when I crawled into bed, after you guys left I washed up the dishes (as quietly as the vodka would allow) and I made sure the house was spick and span cos my hubby was up with the baby on Sunday morning so everything had to be perfect, just to make his life a bit easier, therefore making my lie in a little longer. As it turned out I had a grand sleep because baby chose to have a two hour nap at eleven (when I was supposed to get up), so hubby crawled back to bed too!

Thanks again for all the lovely things you brought (Ash, your crumble was so yummy!) and it was so nice to meet Sean and his partner as well as Ash for the first time!

I hope we do it again.


  1. Big thanks to you MW for a great night! Will defo host one myself if it becomes a regular thing.

  2. As so I! Will be in contact with a date before Christmas that's suitable to as many as possible. Anyone want to host it this time? Or do we go out into the real world?