Monday, October 29, 2007


Looking at all the fallen leaves today, I thought to myself, why does the Irish language follow continental rules of seasons. We don't have winter til January, we have a semblence of Spring in May and a miserable excuse of a summer after that and autumn goes from September til after christmas. But linguistically we're now at the very end of autumn (Deireadh Fomhar). We probably took it from Rome. I hate those Europeans with their fancy proper weather. If I moved to Germany in late Sep and stayed til Nov - that would be our climate, all in 2 months. And the worst part is global warming isn't even helping us, the rest of the world gets hotter and hotter. We get more boring weather until the poles melt and we all go under. Such is the fate of life in a boring climate. But at least with our good economy we've played Faust with the fancy weather nationals and made them come here and suffer the weather to make a living - take that tanned people with seasons.


  1. I know, I know. But I comfort myself that at least we don't get tornados, forest fires, earthquakes, volcanoes, plagues of locusts or cockroaches. Or many mosquitoes.

    I'd love some real snow though.

  2. Its true.

    And we don't have snakes either thanks to St. Patrick.