Thursday, October 11, 2007

There's a World Outside My window...

* world may not contain dread or fear

So, I've always pretty much worked in an office.

Sometimes, in a cubicle, more recently in an actual office of my own.

But generally I've had a view of either co-workers, working, or a view of the great outdoors...

Now, in my new location, I'm sharing an office, but I am becoming increasingly fascinated by the view out my window.

For the first time, I can see directly into the office across the way from me.

I think the people there work in some kind of banking related industry - but it's not a bank branch.

They have a very clean and organised office, with lots of light and plants and they're all pretty well dressed...

The floor below the one I can see, has a bottle of red wine and a bottle of champagne beside the pillar at the window - and I've been wondering if the people in the office can see it, or if they think someone stole it?

Anyway, I was just looking across at this office - and at exactly 9am, 90% of the office walked in.

It blew me away.

Maybe I've just never had one of those jobs - but, they all walked in at exactly 9am!!

And I've already seen them all leave at 5pm.

I wish I could see their screens so I can figure out what they do all day...

I find myself wondering how they co-ordinate their arrival so that they are there at exactly 9?

I should probably do some work myself...


  1. I think some detective work is in order to find out the name and operation of the company they work in. I can start between 8 & 10am so I start at 10.10.

    I have a secret fantasy of having a career as a professional stalker. It would be so much fun. I love net stalking.

  2. I think so too. You have feck all else to do anyway C#2 :)

    More about the net stalking please Milan. We won't judge,

  3. You know, googling people, trying to get into their voicemail, sending open or closed texts as necessary. I have gone reverse-psychology and my own personal stalkers in the past but haven't gone as far as the pretend accidental communication, you know the sending text to wrong person by accident on purpose. Need to find a situation for that. This is making me think of a new post.

  4. Ok, so totally ignoring the whole mad stakling thing mentioned above I'll try to answer Conformists question, working 9 to 5 on the minimum wage you manage to make your way in at 9 and leave at five.....You have a passion for your job, i just can't wait to get home to my weenies!