Friday, November 30, 2007

High Fidelity! (high)

Rapture Ponies did a post about the John Cusack (swoon) film High Fidelity, which is funny as I was planning on doing a post on the book. The other day while sorting out some books I came across my copy of it, from about eight years ago (God!) a friend in fact gave it to me for my birthday, and in it he has written that it's his bible! Obviously I won't bring up that now, all these years later, but it might explain why this particular friend has an awful view of relationships! Now I remember him saying to me, (male friend obviously) if I wanted to know what goes on in blokes heads to read this book. I was going away for my birthday a few days later and I brought the book with me, I could not put it down! Even though I was away with my partner and a couple of friends all I wanted to do was sit in my room and read! I love books like that don't you, it's almost like you have a crush on the book and you can't eat or drink, you just want to be with the book, then when it's over you feel so alone! (maybe that's just me?)

But I read the book in about 2 days (as I said bloody holiday activities got in the way) and as soon as I finished i called my friend to say "Wow!", and "is that really what goes on inside men's minds?" I remember talking about it to my friend for ages, and as soon as I could I was lending my copy to other friends and buying copies for people for all occasions. Now as I said in response to Rapture Ponies post I love the film , I love John Cusack and Jack Black, and Tim Robbins as the hippy guy who makes lots of noise during sex....class! But the book is far superior, it is like a glimpse (for us girls) as to what makes (some) blokes tick, how they can act in such weird ways, the funny worries they have that we girls wouldn't consider (like can they "preform") . Girls are so open about our issues it's everywhere our obsession with weight, or our struggles with career versus home, we are open about things. Generally men (Irish men) are closed!

So, if you are looking for a really good read, or if you are a woman looking for some insight, pick it up. If you like the movie great, and it's a lovely film, but I warn you the book is darker than the film! Rob played by John Cusack is a bit of a chancer and waster, but in the book he's a piece of work!


  1. Haven't read it. Thought the film was good but not as great as most people thought.

  2. I have a store of books to read. I'm going for Ian McEwan next.

  3. Oh Milan, always with the serious :) High Fidelity is truly a work of prefection and MW is right, Rob in the book is a much nastier piece of work (GB bases himself on him - true story).

  4. I read the book after i saw the film, which always screws things up a bit in my head! but this book is so good!