Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'm getting a bit worried

All of my friends are leaving the country. Well not all all of them, but many. Some are already gone, and a few are always emailing saying how brilliant it is away from Ireland.

Two of my good friends in fact, one now lives in Italy and one in Spain, could not wait to leave, and the odd time (Christmas usually) they get home, they spend their time bitching about how crap it is at home, and comparing the 'pace of life' in their new residences.

I kinda get to thinking aren't you brilliant, you left the country, do you want a medal? This has turned into a bit of a rant, but it really gets my goat, when people expect that you are going to be fecking off for a year travelling, or (much worse) 'finding yourself' in Australia or wherever. This finding yourself business is the greatest pile of rubbish.

Anywho my point i think is, that people often ask me am i going/when am i going/why amn't i going. They think that i'm missing out because i'm not away finding myself (shudder). By next February 5 of my close friends will have left the country, a few permanently, and they'll come home to visit and think i'm mad for not going too.



  1. RP, maybe they protest a bit too much? They miss Ireland but feel they have to talk up their choice? Perhaps it's jealousy on their part that you don't need to find yourself?

    I'd love to have travelled when I was in my 20's but I wouldn't be the person I am today if I had!

    Sorry you feel like you are being deserted!

  2. I never left either - well I tried to go teach in England but it as so horrible I gae up and came home.

    Some people are built for travelling some are built for staying home, I think.

    I would LOVE to go live in Italy, but I know I'm never going to od it....

    You're not a Taurus are you?

  3. im also a taurus....

    this is a bit strange!

    sorry by the way i don't normally rant like that, only once before!

  4. I have to say, the grass is always greener.

    We moved here for many different reasons. Most people (including MW, now that she's seen where we live in the US!) would say that we're nuts for moving here, when we could be there.

    It all depends on what you want. If this is "your" place, then claim it and love it. But slagging off the other places isn't on.

    And I"m a Virgo.

  5. Taureans... we like staying home, more often than not. Creature comfrots not backpacking and hostels.

    The first time I went to Prague we went to see the Municipal House, and took the tour. And it was just so beautiful and impresive. I have to admit we both felt slightly isgsted with Ireland, and its lack of civic development. But that does fade back to the normal everyday grumbling. I met a nice Italian woman in the Italian deli, and as I'd just been to Tuscany I told her about it, and we agreed it was a beautiful place - I asked her why she was here instead and she said 'A man' - and when I said would he not go live there, she looked SO sad, and siad maybe - its obviously an ongoing issue!

    I think we have the right to complain about where we come from whether we leave it or not (unless we don't vote), not that it's a particularly good thing to do, but we can't judge anyonoe else feel bad for where they live!

  6. RP - 49£s is all in favour of ranting so you're ok.

    JM - I agree, each to their own.

    I know I will never live in an another country or city, but can understand why others would.
    I'd rather have the quality of being fully involved in society here than experiencing other cultures without being as socially involved (as in it would take years to be as involved in other place & I just can't put up with that).