Saturday, November 24, 2007

It is not only what we do, but also what.....

..........we do not do, for which we are accountable - Molière (15/1/1622-17/2/1673)

Can anyone suggest just what an Irish politician might have to do in order to lose their job? Think about it, is there any other country in the world where those in power, who people forget work for us, are afforded the luxury and security in their position as they are in this State? If Bertie Ahern was abroad he'd more than likely have been forced out of office over Mahon. Beverly Flynn wouldn't have got a sniff of a seat last time around neither would Michael Lowry, there's probably countless others. It breaks my heart to say it but there's somewhat of an injustice that Ivor Callely who, while being a complete tool merchant, lost his gig over a painter and decorator doing a bit of a nixer.

The latest case in point is the state of the health service and what's happened down in Portlaoise. I'm not sure what annoys me the most about it, the mere fact that it happened, the fact that the Government, today anyway, are spending more time chastising the Opposition for wasting time with vote of no confidence in Harney, or the fact that they've tried to make out that having 364 cases out of 568 not in need of review is a success of some kind. Contrast it with the UK, David Blunkett lost his job for bringing Little David out to play. Alistair Darling will likely be out of a job by the end of the week because some lacky put CDs which went missing into the post.

My grandfather died when I was six, I've very few memories of him barring one incident which took place on his farm. I won't go into the details but essentially people in the area where he lived didn't come forward when a crime was committed beside knowing what happened and being up in arms over it. In my innocence I asked why not only to be told that part of growing up as an Irishman was coming to realise that an inbred trait exists inside you and those around you compelling one to give out about things but when push comes to shove do fuck all about it.

20 years later it looks like that nugget of education passed down 2 generations still stands.

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  1. I wouldn't want their job with the public eye, the canvassing, the 3 funerals a week, the having to pretend you know everyone, etc.

    Relatively we're not doing too bad on the corruption front. We're better than 2/3ds of the world and better than we used to be.