Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Nature Art

Excuse the double post for anyone who reads my blog, but I wanted to share - this may become a more regular occurrence for the next while.

I was struggling up the hill with Christmas shopping (did I really buy an Advent calender for €7.99 and will Russell Brand's autobiography be any good?) When I saw, in the dimming light, the imprint of a leaf that had somehow stained itself onto a patch of fairly pristine concrete. It was beautiful, shaped like fairy wings, and a delicate purple-brown in colour.

I loved the contrast of impermanence and permanence, our ugly, unbiodegradable concrete somehow imprinted by this fleeting idea of an autumn leaf. Like natural graffiti. Nature's art on a concrete canvass.

It reminds me of those pressed fairies!

And then I thought, I can use my camera phone!