Sunday, November 25, 2007

Turning Japanese

I have a huge problem...I'm addicted to Japanese culture.

Yep, I said it.  One day, I hope to speak Japanese.  Until then, I keep myself happy by cruising bento box communities (oooo, punches for seaweed!!), frequenting kanji online lessons, and drooling over my one weak spot...sushi.  MW and SL know my problem with sushi, as does Atreus.  It's a huge issue, and unfortunately one that I have passed on to my kids (well, the one who eats solid food).  He, at 6 years old, can out eat me at sushi.  Which is no mean feat.

I learned about Japanese stuff from a young age; my father grew up in Hawaii, so the huge impression that Japanese culture had on the islands was passed on to me.  I don't remember a time that I wasn't able to use chopsticks, nor when I didn't eat sushi (gods, what I would do for a simple tuna roll right now....).

I've always loved all things Japanese, except the attitudes towards females there.  That's a whole other post.  But a friend went to Tokyo when I was pregnant (a trip that I was planning to make with him, but no, I had to fall pregnant).  I was disgustingly jealous.  He kept sending me pictures of his sushi.  The knife stores.  The architecture.  

So, one day, I shall make it there.  I will see the cherry blossoms in bloom, I will enjoy a hot springs spa.  And I will gorge myself on sushi.  And maybe pick up a few more bento boxes in the process (yes, I know I don't work outside the home.  I just like 'em, OKAY?)


  1. You will go to the ball, of course you will visit Japan! We all need dreams and goals,but as a life coach friend once told me we need to figure out how we are gonna get there! Even if you know it'll be ten years before you can go start to take steps now, learn the language, start a fund!

  2. sorry...I'm exceptionally positive at the moment, could be calorie depravation from Weight watchers, or exhaustion from the gym.....but I'm hoping it's a new dawn :-)

  3. Fair play MW.

    Polka - I'm the opposite, my asiaphobia is of nazi proportions and grew out of nowhere in the last few years. Other than the Matrix and Hiro and Andro from Heroes, you could wipe Asia off the face of the planet and it would suit me fine.

  4. You could wipe Asia off the face of the planet and it would suit me fine

    The things you learn about your mates, eh? ;)

    I love Japanese movies, particularly Godzilla ones. I have box sets of DVDs. I even have the action figures. Rodin, Mothra, King Ghidorah. I'll stop now.