Friday, November 30, 2007

Yet another Favourite compilation....

The other week I was thinking of what my favourite foreign language film is. Everyone loves Cinema Paradiso (director's cut). I have lots of German DVDs and there some great ones there, my favourite being Barfuss (light rom com but powerfully beautiful). I love looking at historic stuff like Metropolis and there was that one in the 90s about the different taxi journeys, I think its Night on Earth. But despite all this ponse, my number one foreign film that I've seen at least 20 times is Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham. Bollywood at its best; great music, great dancing; great drama and very addictive:


  1. Have you seen the Indian place in the Epicurian Foodhall that plays the Bollywood films. It's very entertaining to sit from a distance and watch the dance routines.

    Is that a rule in Bollywood? Multiple dance routines coming from nowhere required?

  2. I think so - friends of ours watched the wedding video of an Indian couple they knew, and everybdy burst into coreoraphed dances! I think it's like that in real life too!

  3. I love Eat Drink Man Woman by Ang Lee. And there's a great film with Guillaume Depardieu called Moving Target. I also saw the sweetest film called A la Mode which I've never found since. And a wonderful Italian one about a little man who makes sound effects for films, ets turned into a cartoon, and makes freinds with a prostitute who specialises in bizzare fetishes, lik a pair of twins who clean her house nude, or the confectioner who covers her in chocolate and decorates her.

  4. Firstly I want to live in a bollywood movie...I love musicals anyway (as a little girl I thought people really would sing with joy when they fell in love) Secondly I suppose my favorite "foreign language film is hard to pin down,I've been to the french film festival, and the Dublin one (until son number one was born, we'd even take time off work!) But I suppose I like the comedys, one about a french housewife seduced by a butch lasbian truck driver...or the one where the guys pretends to be gay so as to not lose his job....Funny!
    My Least favorite foreign film would be the eight hour film about Hitler I sat through as a stupid 18 year old!

  5. MW - i'm with you on the musicals,we should all be singing and dancing all the time.

    TB - yes. Bollywood DVDs have a song selection feature as well as scene selection.

  6. Gazon Maudit, The Closet and the legendary Hitler - Ein Film Aus Deutschland.