Thursday, December 20, 2007

A bit of publicity

At the start of 2007 I had the pleasure of working on a TV series called Soupy Norman, A polish soap opera revoiced to become an Irish Drama, and guess what for the past week I have been working on a half hour Christmas special.

It airs on Christmas eve on Network 2 at 10:30 or 10:35 and is basically a late late show tribute to Soupy. It features Jimmy Magee, Father Brian Darcy, George Murphy, Ronan Collins and Brian O'Driscoll.

The same brains behind the original series have scripted the show Barry Murphy and Mark Doherty with a little input from yours truely "Back to the future car" been one of my proudest moments.

All the voices like before have been redone this time bringing Risteard Cooper in to play Pat Kenny.

So if you missed the show before check out the youtube clip above and if you enjoy it try to look at it on Network 2 on Monday.


  1. Shanachie! I can't wait - this got massive accolades all over the place, and I watched it one night, it was well funny.

  2. have perhaps met the biggest soupy norman fans in myself and my partner. My partner originally got the link to the something show, anyway it was on youtube and we watched about 10 times in a row. Just the line ' I'm a publisher.......I publish things' would send me into peals of laughter and don't get me started on the secretary providing cups!

    We watched avidly every week when it started on RTE and also forced many people to watch the episodes on you tube both at home and here in Oz. We seriously ought to have been getting commission. It really is a hilarious show that literally had me crying with laughter. Can't wait for the special and hopefully another series!

    'If you're good I'll let you stick your head out the window and shout all your mad cork stuff at people!'

  3. I should have watched this the first time you told me Shan :) Sorry. Really brilliant.

  4. Heard about this but never saw it. it looks good. Fair play.

  5. shite! I missed it!

    Hopefully someone will eventually make a torrent -- those YouTube files aren't great quality :(

    Soupy Norman is the funniest thing I saw on TV in 2007.