Friday, December 07, 2007

Cash Poor/Time Poor

5 minutes a day? I wish! I've had posts I've wanted to write on my on blog for ages. I'd love to be making my Christmas cards and finishing my knitted Christmas presents and shopping and readying my house and making up cookie dough or getting parcels together.

But my computer now turns itself off after 10 minutes, a new delight - it took me three goe to write my Newton post! And there's ironing and washing in various stages everywhere, not to mention the toys littered around. I could be doing any of thee things or I could be cleaning out my car, which is a mobile tip, to the extent that I couldn't actually give anyone a lift in it. And I have to be correcting -I am nearly finished, but it's very hard to work when you're also looking after two small children.

Right now it's 8am and my daughter's eating her cereal by herself in the sitting room in a t-shirt, the baby's on the sofa, no doubt preparing to roll off it, and I'm not dressed yet . Mother of the year award goes to?

I'll blog when I have something to say other than complaining, alright? In fact I had a great vid to upload but the computer turned off.... arg, the Christmas fever is definitely upon me...


  1. I didn't mean that last bit to sound narky, just gently desperate.

  2. I know...I'm getting up at half six now, gives me at least 45minutes to myself in the morning....Sorry I'm so full of energy at the moment I forget everyon won't share my feelings!

  3. Jo, why would you not complain? You've read what the rest of us write, right?

  4. Jo - I'm on holidays and the PC has no flash so can't play scrabble sorry and it won't let me make any comment on facebook.