Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Darjeeling Limited

Owen Wilson, Jason Schwartzman and Adrien Brody all star in the new Wes Anderson film "The Darjeeling limited" and that's about it, that's all I needed to know anyway, three amazingly attractive men (who are also good actors) wandering around India on a quest to reconnect again (and find their mother Angelica Heuston).

Now I love "The Royal Tennenbaums", it is up there in my five favorite movies, I watch it about every six months when I really need to be delighted, so I was excited to see this movie, it was excellent, really well told, India looks beautiful, they capture something very natural in it (maybe that's the wobbly cine cameras, makes you feel like you are on the train too.

But for me the best thing were the men, as a woman there are very few films that have three interesting men to look at, All on the screen at the same time (and apart from a few supporting roles) there weren't very many women (there is a nude Natalie Portman guys if you are interested....I'm sorry to say this but Jesus she is too skinny!) So I just sat back and watched the guys act, there were a lot of close up shots and I began to think about men and what makes them attractive?

All three actors are very attractive men, none of them are what you'd call conventionally handsome though.. For all of Owen Wilson's American cowboy goods looks (those full he has kinda piggy eyes, Jason Schwartzman is probably the most conventionally attractive, but he is short for a man, Adrien Brody has those eyes you could lose yourself in, but looks very bird like. So I was wondering what it is that makes men attractive as opposed to women?

(Male) Scientists have done research into what makes supermodels just so sexy, the proportions of the eyes, the angle of the nose but do those same things apply to men? Personally I don't think they do, men are far more visual than women, what titillates the is the outer packaging, I'm not sure now but we could try an experiment here now, if you like? Close your eyes and relax, then think of someone of the opposite sex that you like (and know, no Brads or Kylies please) and see what happens when you think of them, what comes into your mind? If you are a guy is is an image and if you are a girl what do you see? I always see peoples eyes when I think of them...that's I think the closest part of our bodies to our "true selves", over the years bodies change but your eyes don't!

Thanks for indulging me, and let me know if you have nay funny results


  1. Oh my God can't wait to see this... the Royal Tennenbaums is one of my faves too...have you seen election? I thought it was great also.

    the life aquatic not so much though for some reason!

  2. yes RP, I saw election a few years ago...felt quite uncomfortable as I found Jason Schwartzman attractive...and Matthew Brodderick...! Go see it you'll love it! I saw The life aquatic twice, one sober, once drunk....drink didn't improve it....:-(
    This had a lot more elements of the Tennenbaums, the camera work and the soundtrack, It would have been improved if it had starred Luke Wilson.....mmmmm Luke Wilson!

  3. I'm in the exact same boat as you two. Loved the Tenenbaums, even Gwenyeth Paltrow who I generally find quite annoying but the Life Equatic did nothing for me at all (and I'm a big Bill Murray fan so that says a lot). Looking forward to seeing this movie soon, I might have the opportunity to view it at an open air event in January.

    My guily pleasure this month will be Bee Movie, I'm not a huge Seinfield fan but I am very curious after all the hype.

  4. Oh no way I usually find Gwynnie annoying too! But I could bear her in the RT alright.

    Bee movie looks great, there are a few kids coming out that look good. As for it being a guilty pleasure, I have the kids as my cover story when there is something juvinille I want to go see!

  5. Anjelica Huston is one of my favourite actresses too... she's in the darjeeling limited too? I like to think she'd play me in the movie of my life (wishful thinking!)

    I couldn't get my head around the life aquatic...i think i had a friend in the room who kept crackin jokes...but i have its on dvd in my house, and i've never been pushed to watch it again!

    On the Luke Wilson front: my brother is like his twin, it's bizarre, people have actually gone up to him in the street, saying you know who you look like...

  6. I'd give the life Aquatic to the SVDP! not worth giving it two hours out of your life! I am so jealous that your brother looks like a Wilson! What does he do for a accountant who looked like Luke wilson, or a dentist?

  7. he's plays a guitar for a living, it's freaky, especially when he has a bit of a beard... and what's weirder is that none of his siblings look anything like luke wilson's siblings!

    good call on the life aquatic to SVDP!

  8. same re Royal Tan. and Gw. Paltrow.

    I focus on the mouth when I look at anyone's face. I've yet to meet anyone else who does this but I know they're out there.

    When I think of someone I haven't seen in a while I only remember the outline of their face and hair.