Saturday, December 01, 2007

Forninepounds Global Domination

Not content with being all geeky here in our little group blog, while on sabatical, Mr Pink has been published in a proper magazine. Kinda.

"SFX", a science fiction and fantasy magazine (think "Empire" or "Cosmo" for nerds) recently asked it's readers for help in adding "a bit of colour" to a feature they were planning. They were looking for the SF and fantasy TV images and moments that remained imprinted in reader's memories forever more. The one proviso, they had to be from before 1990.

Mr Pink shared his and much to his surprise it was included in the feature which can be found in the magazine pictured above.

Or if you don't want to embarass yourself by reading it in Easons, it can be found below...

The death of the Michael Praed Robin at the end of series 2 of "Robin of Sherwood". Completely unexpected, beautifully followed by the merry men giving him an arrow "salute". Then they had to go and spoil it by bringing in Jason Connery for season 3. Worst casting ever.
You can find out more about SFX magazine at their website,