Sunday, December 09, 2007

Fred Claus Sucks!

I went to see Fred Claus and with people talking about Christmas I thought I should warn you just in case any of you wanted to get into the spirit by gong to see it! Don't please don't! Don't support this kind of rubbish! Now I love Vince Vaughan and everything he does, but this was a step too far!

So please don't go to see it!


  1. Since 'tis the season, I would also not recommend sitting through ' Surviving Christmas' if it's on telly over the holidays. It stars Ben Affleck, Christina Applegate and James Gandalfini - it's useless.

  2. There should be a list of movies to be avoided at all costs shouldn't there? I'm sure there is and some smart ass will comment now leaving the URL?

  3. Whatsisname looks so wrog as Santa - I jut keep seeing him in Sideways...

    If you're looking for hoiday cheer, dont watch Bad Santa! Last year it was on the shelves with the kids' films. Christ! Horrible mistake!

  4. I should have known it would be you.....viper!