Monday, December 03, 2007

Getting all Maslow on your ass......

I think I have a solution to this whole Christmas commercialisation/forgetting the real meaning/I blame Coca Cola buzz that captures us en masse every December.

How about instead of going mad buying our loved one presents that they don't want and pissing ourselves off queuing up for 20 minutes just to buy a copy of Joe Pesci's Christmas Hits we instead just go mad buying ourselves stuff in order to make ourselves better people and thus improve the lives of those close to us.

Work with me on this one I'm trying to justify the fact that I went into Virgin Megastore to buy me Dad a present, didn't and instead am the proud owner of the entire Only Fools & Horses and Inspector Morse DVD collections.


  1. I've pretty much stopped buying stuff recently. Not any great ideological crusade, just money being exceptionally tight. Haven't felt any worse.

  2. DVD boxsets are programmed to such you in, you had no choice, you're only human, at least you didn't commit genocide, you're dad will be happy that you're happy,...

  3. ) Heh sounds like a Christmas crisis moment. If you tell your Dad, he can go repeat the experience for himself. Perhaps we should all just buy ourselves the things we want and be happy with that! No more crappy presents!

    Gift wrapping is still essential though.

    It's may be a gmable, but I still love getting a surprise, I haveto admit...