Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Joy

I feel a great deal of kindness towards myself and others at this time of year. It's a great time, I love it, but it's exhausting and stressful for mothers, kids get strung out on excitement and sugar an expectation - my husband gets sick every year, he's in bed with the lurgy as I type. he's actually taken a day off work!
So I like the way at Christmas you can chat to strangers in the shops, about the crowds, the money spent, the way things have flown off the shelves. You can say Happy Christmas to everyone. You can commiserate and tell people not to over do it, even though you've no choice but to overdo it yourself.
So today I took my daughter to Eddie Rocket's for lunch, last day of school and we had been to Fabric Gallery to make a handprint tie for her Dad for Christmas - €10, looks great, I heartily recommend it (the baby's hand was a bit pudgy to give great definition, but still, it's lovely)! We queued for a while, it was full of girls from Loretto (oh, the complaining bitch beside me, blond, posh, shouting towards the Chinese waitress 'Can I order some FUCKING food NOW' - at least two of her freinds had the grace to shush her, the spoiled, over privileged bitch! The ugliness of it!).
Anyway, when we finally sat, by the door to try and accommodate the buggy, a nice, young type grandmother and her two sweet grand kids came in, a girl in 1st year (13) and her younger brother. I chatted to her about the crowding, and as we were in a huge booth by ourselves, asked if they wanted to sit with us. As I said, I believe in trying to make the season smoother for my fellow man, as it were. She was sweet with the kids, had nice chats with me, told me about how her daughter had had severe anorexia and trouble with school (want to send your girls to a Loretto convent? Her daughter would eat in the vice Principal's room as it took her an hour to eat even a little - and her classmates would come and call in the window and slag her, throw bits of food in her locker etc. Nice).
So we had a nice time, she took the bill up (the waitress wouldn't write two separate ones for some reason) I asked her to drop it back, but as I was loading up the baby, she gave my daughter the little kid's gift, said she'd asked for it, but said she'd paid for our lunch as well! I'm so touched. It's such a nice feeling to get friendship and generosity from people you don't know. Its hard not to feel like doing something in return, but thanks so much, nice family, and I hope you're repaid in kind at some point!

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  1. Fair play. I like that too. I was waffling to some woman in the post office queue the other day too.