Friday, December 14, 2007

The Irish mammy has a rival....

Go on be honest, how many Irish mammies will give a shit about their sons when we're 61? (Aileen I'm looking in your direction for inspiration)

And is this further evidence that the English press are all blood thirsty story chasing insensitive arseholes.

Evelina Tortul worries about Fabio Capello.....


  1. Fair play to her for telling it like it is! No beating around the bush for her!

  2. well first of all i dont wear harris tweed skirts and flowery blouses.secondly you may have noticed i know more about what they are up to by reading for nine pounds which i must say i enjoy very much.however i must say u worry about your children no matter whether they are boys or girls for all of their livesbut let them get on with it and enjoy themselves life is short

  3. Thanks Aileen,

    Can I adopt you as my cyber-mammy?

  4. Aha. Italians stay at home a long time, in body and spirit! QWorse than us. I asked a class of students to finish the phrase 'man's best friend is..' (a dog, as the expression goes) and one very with-it, beautiful 18 year old girl said instantly 'An Italian man's best friend is his mama!'

  5. Well I woudn't know, My mum seems to have forgotten how to pick up a phone......oh wait, thats me. Damn. Love you mum xx