Friday, January 11, 2008

Back to the Good without the Bad

Yes, it's official, I'm addicted to Ryan Tubridy's radio show. I quote it every day. I store the stories. When I heard last week about the fling between Sarkozy & Carla Bruni I thought to myself, she hid that well when chatting to Ryan last summer. And yes, I aged 30 years last summer in radio terms moving from Keith & Joe to Ryan.

Anyway, this is where I come back to experiencing Good without the necessary attached Bad, and Ryan's radio show is the only example I can think of.

Ye might know that I'm not a morning person. Yes poor morning challenged me living in a day-nazi world. The pompous self-righteous crap I get all time from the happy snappy morning people makes me want to vomit. Anyway, I digress. In the AM I don't like to eat or speak or communicate with other people, most particularly with randomers. This to me is hell. Thank God I'm not on the bus any more. Unlike in the evening time when I morphe into a wafflebagmeister, talking to someone in the morning is like having my head and chest ripped out of my body at high speed at a 75 degree angle. Even having to compose my features to show that I'm listening to someone is like climbing a mountain with my finger nails ripped out.

Anyway, with listening to Ryan in the morning, I have the mental and social stimulation that my soul adores, but without the sickening killer effort of having to talk or look like I'm listening. The Good without the Bad. Rarely occurring but fantastic and beautiful. This is what perfection should be. This is what wish fulfillment should be. Listen and learn my children.


  1. Don't get the chance to listen to him much. Must say though that I like a fair bit of what he does. PJ Gallagher on talking about been adopted was a great insight into the man.

    Only thing about Tubs that pisses me off is the fact that women love him for being a geek. I was a geek for years and couldn't get a whiff of a mot. There's no justice in the world.....

  2. That's funny. It's true. Geek is cool now. You've missed the boat.

  3. I'm with Tib on this - we were the outcasts once :(