Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Beat that.

802.  Yeah baby.  Bigger font also.  


  1. hmmm I have a feeling we could hit 1000 posts very quickly

  2. I did it accidentally on the other post. If you log into blogger and do New Post, the window appears. Under where it says Title, but above where you type, there's a pull-down menu that says Font (so you can choose your font when you post, and next to that is a little T and a big T. Click on the TT's and you can see the list. The post was done in Largest.

    Go play :-D

  3. I thought you guys had html secrets...

    I like our secret weapon, Elana. How to get rid of unwanted guests? Jsut breastfeed, and if that doesn't do it, squirt milk in their eye!

  4. Or...

    "Do you take milk in your tea?"


  5. You can't beat a well placed "yea baby" so you get my vote for that.