Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Black Sheep returns to the fold!

I'm back!
Quite simply Someone said there would be little metal badges to wear at the blog awards on the 1st of March!
Bribery? Excellent!
You don't want to know what I'd do for real jewellery!


  1. Yay thats why I never posted on your Im leaving post I knew you would return!!!


    Although this may also be a ploy by SL to overthrown Milan and tibs new found power since you always were the main poster here.


  2. I also love the fact he promised you metal badges yet does not have a clue where to get em.

  3. Is there a most talking about roiding (that's Dublin for riding), sex toys and oral sex category in the awards?

  4. I'm starting a petition. Welcome back by the way...

    I missed being told off and reminded of my youthfulness.

  5. That's what I'm here for....I'm like the Mr Burns of the group!

  6. Ah, the banter. I knew we were missing something :)

  7. You say banter I say bullying!

    YOu are too soft on your minions they have no respect for you! Now there is talk of Mutiny? Fecking hell man, what kind of dictator are you?

    If only there was a blog award catagory for Simpsons references, I'd be set!

  8. Eh, Milan and I would fight you to the death for that one, Jenny-come-lately.

  9. BTW what do u do for real jewellery? I wanna know.

  10. Shan, I should have know you'd be the one to lower the tone! I couldn't possibly tell you that here, young Tib's ears would fall off :-)

  11. Welcome back MW. I presume you only returned once you heard there was a management change for the better. I can only point to activity to attest my leadership.

    Mr. Burns name will be used periodically in future

  12. I'll discuss the change in management with you on Saturday Milan, if we are still on?

    Tib I will have to wash out your mouth with soap if you say that word again!

    Shan, I'd like to say I would expect more from you.....but no! That's exactly what I expect!