Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dont be afraid, I am a Surgeon.

Well why the fuck are you playing a Wii.

Yep just read this over on the BBC News site, that research has been done and shows that playing computer games such as the Wii for an hour beforehand, can help surgeons performance in the theatre. Jesus what if they had a bad game and did shit.

I know when I play games I get pissed off with myself when either I play bad or some asshole n00B dickhead acts the dick during an online game. See look at my anger!!!

Now imagine the same thing if the surgeon kept messing up while playing the game the BBC article discusses - Marble Mania. This game requires you to guide a marble through a maze, I could see this game infuriating some people and then off they trot to cut you open and prod about etc.

Gaming and surgery dont really look well together do they. So like that new HSE advert on tv and radio that says we should all be asking healthcare professionals if they have washed their hands, next will be "how did you do on the leaderboard?"


  1. It definitely affects the way you look at life. I@m not sure about the correlation between bad games and masculine aggression, but I remember being addicted to Tetris, and seeing opportunities to fit blocks in everywhere!

    Even, I hate to admit, during sex.. do do do do do do do do do do, hmm, I could fit a long one in there....

  2. Jesus Jo bit early in the morning for that sort of talk, sex talk here normally happens after lunch.

  3. JO....I am shocked at you! Sex in the morning!

    As for doctors using the wii, kinda scary...I don't trust them anyway and the thought of some surgeon in college pretending to study but really just playing brain training....that doesn't make me very confident about my tube tying!

  4. Don't you be worrying Jo, horny talk is welcome any hour of the day on planet Tiberius.

    Just think it's always night time somewhere!!