Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Flirting: the art of attention

Some may say flirting is the art of seduction, but my focus is always on attention, regardless of motive or response. I've always loved flirting as an art form. I will confess I'm very good at paying attention when I want to. It means I also tend to get people thinking I'm attracted to the focus of my attention when I don't - there are thousands of ways to like someone. In my day I could flirt with 6 men at once. Now that I'm a bit of an aul wan and paranoid about being an aul wan, I don't get as much opportunity.

It's great when you come across great flirters who are in it for the flirting too. I have one such friend and for the last few years it's been very entertaining, we both push the bounds of flirtation to the limits. The last time we met he gave me a stand-up lap dance. Lap dances make me laugh. But you can't really flirt with someone who you know can't handle it, which many can't. So the game always starts with sussing the other's flirting capacity. Anyway, with all this rambling I just want to set a context for flirting as an entertaining and skillful social art; and rid it of the negative image and it's bind to the game of love; because flirting is so much more than a tool of attraction.

(see from 2.10 minutes in)

(JM - sorry, I know you hate BB but it's a great example of flirtation)


  1. Heh heh, flirting with six men at once - that reminds me of hte story of the tailor who killed 7 flies wiht one blow, and had it put on his belt, then got in trouble because everyone thought he meant 7 men with one blow (no filthy jokes please).

    Did I rant about BB? I thought I'd restrained myself to silent disgust!

    I like the celeb thing better, at least it's a bit more entertaining. I wish they'd let it all die though.

    I love Strictly Come Dancing, and Celebrity Fat Club, but other htan that I think Reality TV is an evil!

  2. You are such a bloody flirt.....I used to be soooo Jealous!

  3. On a somewhat related but yet different topic - when does flirting become mickey teasing? What's the line between the two?

  4. Dammit. She's never flirted with me after 13 years! Nuts to that now. She's definitely not gatting the blog, so. As for your question Tib there's no such thing. As men we should presume we're never going to hook up with anyone. Tis just the way it is. I'm with Milan - there should be a way of doing it as social art.

  5. It's a tough question to answer Tib. Don't know the answer.