Saturday, January 26, 2008

I've looked into the future.......

And guess what, I see some strangeness going on at the blog awards.

There has been talk of badges, OK fine. There has been talk of robes, hmmmm. There has also been talk of rubber and whips. I won't mention any names here. Midge.

So I have used my power of "being able to see into the future" and this event is going to lead to the end of civilisation as we know it.

The cult of Lima bean pickers comes into its own after initially getting everyone at this event so pissed that they sign their lives away to wear robes and work in my front garden. With all of their belongings and assets Milan goes nuts and invests in weapons of mass destruction. Once SL has been deposed, disposed and considered out of the picture, it is not long before the rest of the world, worried about Milans madness, join our fellowship. The problem is as the original founder is gone the rest of us have to take up the mantle of "Leaders". With everyone in robes the only thing we can wear is rubber. It chafes.

So already we have seen a drastic change in the way the world works but it gets even worse when a deformed but still very much alive SL pops back into the picture with a resistance group called "LBPO". Lima bean pickers out. With only a small following it takes a long number of years for his minute force to build enough power to be a force worth reckoning with. It is then that the inevitable happens. Milan goes more nuts and presses the big red button beside the bed.

The aftermath is weird. The face of the world is changed, to a scarred, blackened shell of its former self. Who knew rubber would save us. Four nine is still around. But as everyone is related or hates each other at this stage bringing back life to our decimated planet is a no no. Idiot is the last now, the rest are dust. I can see myself sitting on a chair in a burnt out O'Connell Street. The noodles are all gone. Soon I will starve.

So the question is, should we let Milan come to the awards?


  1. I Am Idiot... a blockbuster in the offing

  2. I would look good as Will Smith :)

    How was the gig and more importantly the travel?

  3. Oh, the travel was fine. Cold on the platform, slighly boring for the child on the way in but very nice to alight opposite the destination. Way back rush hour, so crowded! I could not do it everyday, I'd still prefer a car with a stereo and a micro environment to myself, unfortunately - speaking of which, I totally forgot to pay for the parking at Stillorgan. Thankfully, I wasn't clamped - and returned to find I'd failed to lock the car!

    It wasn't exactly a gig, just a little coffe house session - v succesful, really pleasant - the baby loved it! There's a few seconds of footage of him wiggling his feet to the music somehwere on It was nice to be in the cafe with the acoustic music, it was a treat, like a private viewing of the album, which the manager bought and will be playing. Hopefully the band'll do more stuff like that. Very unplugged!

    Thanks for asking :), and to milan, thanks for venturing in!

  4. Idiot, my rule is inevitable. You can try and ban me from the awards, but I will be there, with knickers over my red and blue MA suit, and mask, and red button in my hand in case there's any sniff of revolution.

    JM - It was very embarrassing going into a place looking for someone you don't know.

  5. I know, but is it worse than asking for an Idiot?

    You would have known me, I was the one surrounded by children and a buggy, with puke down my shoulder!

  6. Milan, I will pay cold, hard cash to see you turn up in that suit. I thought it was kept in the wardrobe for special personal occasions? ;)

    I am wondering if Idiot has all of us electronically monitored in some way as he seems to be getting so many of these things right.

  7. The chocolate dress Milan!!!! Wear the chocolate dress!

  8. What's this about a chocolate dress?? Sounds sexy! Trust you Midge....

    And Milan I showed up at the first 4nine gathering not knowing anybody!! Knocking on a strange door with apple crumble in hand and realising I didn't even know their real names. What was I supposed to say when someone answered the door? "Am I in the right place?".."No I don't know who I'm looking for"...!!

  9. LOL Aquaasho. Anything can be forgiven if you're carrying apple crumble - you probably would have been given a warm welcome in any house on the street!

    A chocolate dress, eh? Have you seen the new Lynx ad? With the chocolate man? Deadly idea.

  10. Chocolate man eh? I think I was given one of those on my hen hight.

    Oh I just remembered my husband was given a chocolate girlfriend as a kris kindle. What do you reckon that says about me?

    I'm going straight to youtube to look up that lynx ad Jo.....

  11. Given that no-one else is jumping in :)

    Milan once came to a fancy dress party in a home made mini dress made entirely from chocolate wrappers. I have a picture of her being licked by two girls, one of whom is a reporter for TV3 news.

    True story.

  12. SL - you love that story. I still have no evidence.

    Midge - In contemplating disguises I remembered my purple wig, which led me to said guna and was thinking of pulling them out for the occasion, that dress has been gathering dust for 4 or 6 years, it might not fit me now.

    Ash & JM - I know it's no major deal, it's just a bit scary, and I've no apple crumble to fall back on. I'll be hiding behind MW.

  13. I have the photos Milan.....What are they worth to you???

  14. Dearest Milan, are you daring me to post it here with your face blurred out, of course?


  15. No DON'T. Put in on facebook then I can see it and send it to other people I know.