Monday, January 21, 2008

No day is so bad it...

... can't be fixed with a nap (Carrie Snow)

Just reading in the red tops that today is the worst day of the year.

Just remember when things get tough I love yis all.........


  1. I thought it was yesterday! Dunlaoighre events did a fun day in the park - free bouncing/sliding/facepainting/make and do etc and music, to beat the blues. It was deadly actually, a brilliant idea.

    I certainly have January cash issues alright though. And I wish we had snow instead of this global warming warmwet weather...

  2. They do that every year. I hate it :-). We live right next to the park, so it's a freaking zoo.

  3. I love invading that park and annoying the locals ;)

    I was having a crap day Tib until I got the virtual love. Right back atcha dude.

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  5. (I've impressed both the dictator and dictator in waiting, it is a proud day for the Gracci)

  6. I think it's your turn next to be dictator.