Saturday, January 05, 2008

Photobucket gems

I was having a sconce at some old photobucket pics some of which go waayyyy back to the dawn of time, well almost and i had a few notions.

So there I was on a delightful summer's day, this was a while back and i came across this sign.

Now i'm a driver, i drive to work everyday, blah blah, have my licence, learned all the signs and all, or so i thought.

It just occurred to me, has there always been an 'm' on the ramps sign? i didn't even think of it again until i was perusing some old photobucket pics...

And then i got to thinking how feckin unobservant i must be, that i never noticed before, and that it doesn't kick in on any other roads I'm on. I went to take a half arsed look up a couple of rules of the road sites, (i can't find my trusty book) and no sign of this sign, wah wah, so I've still no idea what the 'm' is for, or if that was a one off...

note to self: must get chauffeured around more.

Now don't get me started on the signs at the Red Cow.

In other photobucket news i just thought I'd share this pic...

i was in New York (splendid) at the end of November, and i had dinner in this gorgeous place called Trio, and one of the desserts was a chocolate cake, made to resemble the 59th street bridge. i was suitably impressed.

And one last one just for the hell of it.

sorry it's a bit pixelated (i think that's the lingo you internet whizz kids use)


  1. Did you know Joe Lynch was the first Irish act to have a hit in the UK charts.....there's one destined to come up in a table quiz some day

  2. mmmm bridge cakkkeeee. It looks that sign had said 30km but then the 30k was removed. That's my guess.