Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Stupid mistakes can be fixed...

...so I'm always going to be learning (Alex Bean)

One of the great things about living in Ireland is that any geek can become a celebrity. Use as an example the Who's and Why's who grace The Herald everyday, appear at the opening of an envelope or brave the red carpet outside The Savoy on what seems an almost weekly basis depending on what shitehawking charity is having a premiere of some equally shit film.

On one hand it gives those who crave attention belief that they someday can join the ranks of INSERT IRISH BIG BROTHER CONTESTANT HERE or INSERT SOME BRUTAL TV3 WEATHER PERSON HERE. Perhaps you too some day can join the glitterati who bow at the altar of Marty Whelan whilst taking part in Celebrity Jigs and Reels.

While it's all well and good there is a downside, particularly the fact that you can't swing a gerbil's mickey in Dublin City Centre without it rubbing off someone who's grasping at the Z-List of Irish society. I've found myself time and time again to be a victim of the mistaking some tool who thinks he's something for someone I know. One very very well known person on a DART, the other a model in Eddie Rocket's. Can you imagine the embarrassment of saying hello to someone, engaging them in conversations, asking them how they're keeping only to realise that you've never met them before or only know them from a flittering glimpse at Fair City.

Has this happened to anyone else?? Please say yes!

P.S. - While looking for a picture of a muppet I found this site, it's really very interesting.


  1. No.
    Never I'm afraid.

    Anyway I thought you were gone......


  2. And to think you used to be my fav......

    *may not be true in case people complain.

  3. You just brought out my nasty side cos you mentioned Big Brother....

    Loved the post...don't go...really...

  4. Good site - I don't understand why muppet became such a term of abuse. Weren't we all raised on the Muppets?

    I hae never half recognised a z list celeb, thank god. But my friend did chat to someone she knew beside her in the theatre one night, and didn't realise til she was on the way home that it was actually Nigel Havers. Redner!

    I beamed adoringly without being bale to help it at John thingy ex Frames bassist, director of 'Once', in the airport when he asked me where check in was - I hope I didn't alarm him... and htat he only recognised me from the flight over, not from my dissolute gig-going youth

  5. I at one point was is M&S and said hi to someone I thought worked in my hairdressers.....no, no it was Anna Nolan from BB1! Idioto!

  6. I see your Lesbo Former Nun and I raise you a DART using celeb that everyone born in Ireland before the 90s will know.

    I think it's impossible to find someone who won't

  7. TB - who's the DART user? I should know but don't.

    I think it happened to me with Charlie Bird and a pile of TDs. My dad did it years ago, had a 2 hour chat with Dinny from Glenroe not copping on he didn't know him til well after.

  8. Gaybo...........thought he was a mate of my Dad