Tuesday, February 19, 2008

5 Days Untill Holidays...

And I swear to god the clocks are moving in reverse...

There is nothing worse than waiting for a holiday in my opinion. My problem is that I don't get excited untill the day in question so I just have this really long boring wait for something to happen.

I want to go to sleep for 4 days, wake up, pack and go.

On another note, I hope everyone here has experienced the TV show Heroes. I am up to date through the aid of something called the ninternot. I have also bought the box set of season one and am very rapidly converting Aoife. It is a fantastic show which avoids the bright lights that normally surrounds the "Super Hero" shows and movies. It is very addictive but well worth a look in. Enjoy.



  1. Tried it, didn't like it. Specifically, the woman with the son, on the run, with the evil alter ego in the mirror? And the cop finding the little girl in the cupboard in the murder house. All too bleh for me. Think I've gone soft in my old age.

  2. Yea love heroes, didn't get to see the last episode before christmas until a few weeks ago and it was very exciting. It lost it a bit in the 1st half of S2 but I'm sticking with it - whenever it recovers from the strike that is.

    Good luck with the holiday Idiot. I hope you'll be spending all your time posting.

  3. Love heroes, Love Peter...hmmm Peter!

    But the more pressing issue no one has mentioned is that you are here bragging about your holidays...rubbing our noses in it almost!


    We won't miss you at the Bloggies!

  4. You're not gong to be at the awards?! Milan will have something to say about htat!!

  5. Ah Heroes. It is currently my favourite show. I have always been a great fan of comic book creations and super heroes in general so it's right up my alley.

    Second season did indeed get off to a rocky start (Caitlin's Irish accent - hilarious), nice twist with Adam and Peter. Hiro is still my favourite along with HRG.

    Writers strike is over, hurrah!

  6. Idiot will be returning from his holidays a day early specifically to see you all at the Bloggies.

    HO knows all and sees all.