Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Are you SURE you're qualified?

Some of you may know that I'm trying to start a couple of new club nights in town. We're still a few weeks away from opening; the nightclub is a mess and we're persuading the owner to invest a few bob.

He eventually agrees to upgrade the sound and lighting rigs. Various different quotes come in. Including one written on what appears to be a page ripped out of a childs copy book. Both sides of the page are written on in green biro and some coffee cup stains complete this picture of professionalism.

Just one more thing.

Our green ink friend manages to spell the words 'circuit board' incorrectly. Twice. And in two different ways.

I was very keen to contact him if only to see what this fella was like but he neglected to leave his name or number. I'm having visions of a van driving up to the club with 'Trotter Independent Trading' on it.

(in the end we went with the quote from the Polish lads who'll do it for half the cost of anyone else!)


  1. Would you seriously have considered the other guy?? Was it the intriguing green biro that did it for you? :)

  2. Irish workmanship shoddy? Eastern europeans hard working and industrious? Jesus GB how many other stereotypes are you going to foist on us?!

    Any chance you can scan it and post it for us? :)

  3. I love green biro....even better is purple! Imagine if he'd done it in red ink.....maybe little diagrams of burying bodies under the dance floor???

  4. I agree we need a scan of this scam artist, amazing what the celtic tiger has done for us that we can now give quotes in green ink instead of the 1990's black.

  5. The 80s would have been a pencil and the inside of the wrapper off a Brennan's Slice Pan

  6. Exactly, it's green ink all the way. He deserved to get the job for that.