Tuesday, February 19, 2008

By Order of New Management...

A message from Don Milan, Overlord in waiting, presidential candidate, Millary Clinton benevolent dictator, etc:

One is not pleased that noone commented on one's last post, no matter how trivial it was; and one demands that all lima bean pickers leave a comment herewith.


  1. Oh milan. It's the beginning of the end. When dictators have to start ordering people to laugh at their jokes, etc.

    The bubbles were cute. I signed up to youtube but got befusled and gave up. how do you make your videos private?

  2. God, you're so needy. Heh.

  3. A post is not a post unless it's been commented on. I could never have a solo blog because I live too much for the comments.

  4. No-one commented because it was boring. Zzzzzzzzzz, I say!

    Do you remember Milan? She used to be big around here....