Sunday, February 03, 2008

Cable Guy

I have a dodgy cable TV hook up. Dodgy as in I don't pay for it. Thousands of these decoders have been sold all around Dublin; plug 'em in to your analogue cable TV box and get lots of digital channels for free.

The local cable company are most upset about these things. So they keep trying cleverer ways to get zap the 'bootleg' boxes. Unsuccessfully.

Mine went down last week. Was this the end of my free cable TV? Nope. Within ten minutes the dubious box on top of the telly had figured things out and I was once again enjoying Sky Sports 96 and Living TV + 1.

Actually I enjoyed them even more. Stealing cable TV is a highlight in an otherwise humdrum life.

Do I feel guilty for not paying? Naah. What do you think?


  1. Me too! I mean, me neither! I think we should feel guilty if we put more money into the coffers of Rupert Murdoch, maybe.

    I don't think having 100 plus channels is good for us though...

  2. I think the thrill is in knowing your screwing some big corporation while they're unable to do anything about it!

  3. I similarly screw them in an entirely different way. Wouldn't feel right putting money in Murdoch's pockets even though I do enjoy his sports programming very much!

  4. Everyone I know has these boxes, we even bought them for people for Christmas. I have no issues....

  5. one day though that big cable company will figure out a way of dealing with this but in the meantime enjoy it and well done I hate that organistion you speak of anyhow.

  6. I'm just wondering who's in that dog-groomer van that's been parked outside for three days...

  7. there anything they can't do????

    I don't have one of those boxes...yet. We just went digital, I've always been afraid of too many channels in case I get sucked into 24/7 viewing. I'm not mad into it so far. I don't have decision making capacity for 100 channels so for now I'm pretending we just have the old ones.