Friday, February 29, 2008

Favourite worst nightmare

Good album but not what this post is about.

What gives you nightmares eh? Well, for me, it is too much food late a night and air conditioning. I know there is a lot you can read into dreams and such but I'd rather not really, especially given the weird nature of some of mine. Last night I had a particularly weird nightmare involving me living in my childhood home and never getting out of bed, a mysterious male companion called Henry (I don't know any Henrys) and my real life fella who was angered by all the time I was spending with this Henry fellow even though it was all very innocent. Henry disappeared at some stage and it was back to just me and Mr.T, we then went off for a drive and ended up getting followed by a crazy eyed killer who I would liken to yer man in that awful movie Roadkill with Paul Walker . Woke up in the middle of this in a pool of sweat and very disorientated. Damn air con!

I love when you are having a good dream and you wake up for whatever reason then fall back asleep and into the dream again! Best feeling in the world. My worst ever dream let -down - Age 10 (roughly) - dreaming my mam had bought me a new book I really wanted and looking for it the next day convinced I had really been given it. I still remember the disappointment very clearly.


  1. I get nightmares right before I get ill. It's the only time. I think it's my body's way of warning me.

  2. Don't have set indicators for nighthorses - as a friend of mine calls them.
    I always have dreams where just about to eat chocolate, just about to read letter from friend, just about to solve big mystery - then I wake up.