Friday, February 15, 2008

First thing

I have interesting experiences early in the morning recently. I catch my bus at 7am in quite a quiet spot for a busy city. It's a bit of a rat run alright but when the groups of 5 cars all following each other pass by it's very quiet.

Some mornings (few enough in our country alright) when the sky is blue and the Sun is just coming up you see strange things. Plane trails in the sky mostly, lots of them. I'm not sure what it is about that time of the day but there are loads of them, crisscrossing the sky like a big blue hot cross bun.

The quiet is the real shocker for me. For a city that is buzzing and snarling and crawling at that hour of the morning there are moments of total stillness at my bus stop. I catch mine in a quiet, residential area but still relatively close to the city centre yet you can actually hear birds.

There's nothing else other than that, just it's an experience I look forward to most days despite the cold, the rain and the early hour.


  1. I'd like to film the East Link toll bridge at 5.20am or the crowd of cars trying to cross Butt Bridge, people don't realise that this city doesn't stop.

    I've love to find an alcove somewhere

  2. I used to run to work (and builders tend to start at 7am) and there were moments running through Georges Street when the only people were me and the bin collectors that I really savoured.

    Lately I've been going to the gym at 6am (kids off school, have to be back before husband goes to work) and the same thing. You relish the quietness and how beautiful it all is before the craziness begins at about 8am!!

    Lovely photos, they capture the early morning mood perefctly.

  3. I always say morning would be beautiful if it wasn't for the fact that it's at morningtime. There's a lovely sun trap in the Botantic Gardens were on a week end you will hear all the action from Croker, a mile away, because there's no car noise getting in the way. It's another strange experience for the city centre.

  4. All the airplane trails are because the flights to Europe from the US leave in the evening, and we're in teh flight path for most European flights.

    The flights to here from the US east coast start arriving around 6am (sometimes they come in so low they wake us up!)

  5. Thanks Ash. I don't take pictures very often - I'll try a bit more in future if people are interested.