Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Ghost of Jeremy Beadle

I just pulled a great practical joke on a friend of mine. It involved two hours of waiting outside his house, three cars, two people hes never met before waking him up from his sleep and it culminated in him trying to call the Special Branch to speak to a detective while also trying to assault one of the strangers with a green wheelie bin.

However, as the aftershocks of this incredible gag are still causing worry and unease I'm afraid I can't tell you any more. At least until the next meet up.

Rest assured though fellow Lima Bean Pickers. It was PRICELESS.


  1. Oh my god!

    This reminds me of Hunter S Thompson droping off a pig's heart and fireworks to Jack Nicholson's house, and JN's family thinking they were under attack from a madman, and calling the cops etc.

    I saw an incredible Beadle attack on some show recently, where he made a middle aged couple think an alien had landed in their garden. It was so sweet - he was getting the woman to sing the Close Encounters tune to it, and making her talk to it - she was being so innocent - she called out 'Do you want me to sing again?' half scared, half awed! To this blatant man in a alien costume and a dustbin UFO! Those were the days.

    I would never have the energy or lack of empathy to go through with a practical joke like this, I'd feel too sorry for people!

  2. Yes. Teasing bastid. You have it up on Youtube yet?

  3. this sounds hilarious... even though i'm sure i don't get it!