Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Idealism vs Realism..I'll have both thank you..

The Dawkins Delusion - I choose Idealism
I noticed recently a Facebook friend was part of a Richard Dawkins group. Regardless of his philosophies, I find it hard to understand why he would be a cult youth figure. Granted he's a rebel to the establishment which is always attractive, and things that are bad for us have always been cool, e.g. cigarettes, guns, etc. But is it not taking it to a new level when cool is deciding that your race is of no value or importance; when the (very possible) reality he advocates is such a horrible one for humanity. If I did accept atheism it would be with gloom, sadness and depression, not with excitement. What can I say, I want more from humanity than a worthless mediocre piece of randomness of the universe.

Victim of War - I choose Realism
I concluded recently that I'd much rather be a tragic victim of a war due to a commodity than a war of idealism. Kill me for oil or coffee, not Christianity, democracy or nationality. I watched Pan's Labyrinth over Christmas and I just couldn't get into the spirit of the film because the communist "good guys" had an equally ridiculous idealism to the fascists "bad guys" in power. When you read of all the minorities oppressed/killed throughout centuries of colonialism, at the end of the day, at least someone in England got a cup of tea from it, which is more than anyone gets from saying my philosophy/religion is better than yours. When the fashion of ethics changes so often, all beliefs become meaningless in time.

Seemingly contradictory, in both cases I choose humanity first. I've yet to find a term for my belief in the sanctity of human life. It's not quite humanism; it's not quite existentialism, but surely I can't be the only one who's so protective of her race.


  1. Oh Milan, I don't know, Dawkins? I studied theology and a professor told me once the people who disbelieve the most are usually really looking fro proof of a higher power! I don't know.

    As for war, war is wrong. religion and philosopy are sometimes just commercial concerns wrapped up in "ethics"!

  2. Milan, Milan. How can you be so protective of your race and yet be sickened by something as fundamental, natural and health promoting as a mother putting her baby to her breast?

    It's a contradiction I can't get my head around!

  3. Christ, not again!

    *ducks head under the parapet*


  4. I'm not against BF, I just couldn't go there myself. I have 4m fears but the only irrational ones I have are the way I'm squeamish about everything.