Friday, February 08, 2008

Invitation for the future

I want to have you all over. I'd like to get a bottle of Bacardi and some strawberries, and make daquiries. And nice things to eat.

But the dear Tax Office put me on emergency tax, so my first paycheck post-maternity benefit was halved. They did it last year too, just because they were late with my P60. WHY is it ok for them to fuck people about in this way? Seriously? How is this acceptable? It's going to mess me up for more than just this month - I won't get paid again til the end of Feb, by which time I'll be even more hideously in debt.
And to top it off, I don't have any money for groceries, and feel horribly guilty for spending money on myself instead of budgeting.
So I'll have to stifle my hostess urges for now. Boo!


  1. hate that. That's bearaucracy for you. Is it your job or Revenue's fault. Eitherways I look forward to the cocktails.

  2. We could all bring something?? Your house as venue in return for our booze??

  3. Ah, no, it wouldn't be right - I mean, we probably would have done it that way anyway? Jsut give me a few weeks!