Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Juice in Whelan's

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This is just a very unprofessional snap -of a cover. I couldn't believe how boring the original was when I heard it!

From 8pm, Sunday. Just in case anyone's looking for fun. Gigs run by Dermot Lambert, ex frontman for Blink, remember them? Tickets for a fiver if you can get to me beforehand. Oo, a night out for Jo! Pray to the gods of successful babysitters for me.


  1. I don't know why but Blink used to piss me off rightly, I think it was a bad experience I had with a girl who was mad into them, as a result Dermot Lambert has long been the subject of ridicule in my head (well you wouldn't be talking publically about Blink)

    You know if you Google his name we're the 4th result?

  2. Excuse my bad manners for not saying before....the band sound great

  3. Ha, you didn't need to leave the last comment, it's not the best sound in the world :)

    I think Blink might have been more of a girls' band alright :) I thought they were DEADLY!

  4. Que music dead person - never heard of Blink nor Dermot Lambert. Yer band sounds good, I agree.