Tuesday, February 12, 2008

OMG why did Midget not post this video up

Found this on Midgets facebook page (yes we are having a facebook relationship, get over it)

What an amazing video and fair play to the 2 lassies in it. Very clever and amazing yet simple choreography, watch on.



  1. Shan, where were you when I posted the hand one? I'ts better! Oh yeah, everyone ignores the Jo..

    And will we see you on Saturday?

    Hmph, I'm feeling jealous of Midge.. ;)

  2. Is it just me or does the snatch* of the girl on the right look somewhat suspect.

    *I meant the television phrase relating to the capture of a shot and nothing more filthy minded.

  3. I didn't post it...cos my boyfriend posted it...oooh go on...be all childish! He posted it on my facebook but because I have no sound on my computer anymore nothing makes sense!

  4. Tib, I still don't know what you mean by snatch if you don't mean the rude version.

  5. Here ya go MA


  6. No I meant I know the rude version of snatch but I didn't know what you mean by capture of a shot?

  7. Milan, the snatch that Tib is referring to is a still picture, normally a frame of video stopped to be like a picture, from a video/film. All the time that I've worked in television, it's been called a still ("Grab a still of that bit there, we'll show it under the credits."), but this is good for me, since if I ever go back to work, I won't have another embarrassing episode like the period/full stop in a room full of businessmen.

  8. I agree this would be called a still or a stills grab, snatch was totally the wrong word to use but to be frank yep her snatch does look sussy in the still youtube decided to grab.

    Tib did you even bother to look at the video in the end once it gets going its pretty damn amazing.