Friday, February 15, 2008

People We Miss

This isn't the best voice he was ever in. But it's just him, which is nice to see. And the song shines through anyway.

It's strange to be so sad about someone I didn't know, to miss someone who was never in my life - I used to see the Mary Janes supporting the Frames back in the early days, see him walking and cycling around town with his incredible dreads. I love 'Sham' and'Skylarkin' - as my husband said, his voice, it gives us images of him being some Starwars type alien, singing in off white robes in a white room, just his voice echoing into the air... that may not make sense to anyone, but it's perfect for me.

I've just been tooling round instead of working - I downloaded Skylarkin' last night and I'm listening to it (our daughter used to go asleep to it as a baby) - looked for a picture on Images to see if I could find that guy with the long hair who walked past me on the street - and I found this beautiful story of a friendship by Glen Hansard, made me sad, got me thinking. My heart goes out to the people who knew and loved Mic - I feel I'm glad I didn't know him, as losing him must hurt so much.


  1. Did someone not do a very similar post ages ago. Was it you Jo? Are you doing some self-plagiarism like I like to do?

  2. I think that might have been before my time. Unless I have gone maaaad, which is always a possiblity.

    I think everyone loved him.

  3. Errr.....I'll say nothing. Okay, I can't say nothing so I'll say, a bit over-rated if you ask me and wouldn't be so famous in Ireland if he wasn't dead.

  4. Meh, voodoolady. He was a nice guy and had a beautiful voice. I think his fame is immaterial, it was his friends who counted - and the amount of people who came out to support him BEFORE he died would bely your comment. I'm not trying to say he was the talent of the century, just that I find myself with strong feelings about him. MAybe I should change the title to 'People I miss'.

  5. Yeah I know what you mean. I'm not trying to say he wasn't talented. I was a spice girls fan in my day so am one to talk, each to their own and all that :)

    When I was in college there were a lot of die-hard frames fans knocking around, if glen said jump, they asked how high. When he mentioned his friend MC in concert and his untimely death, frames fans went out and got his album, became 'fans', talked woefully about the waste of talent etc. Nothing wrong with that.....just all a bit contrived to me.

    Clearly you are genuine in your feelings, so my comments are more about the eejits I went to college with!