Monday, February 11, 2008

A picture for the stats freaks

Here's the token one for the stats freaks today. The graph above represents visitors per month since we began. The bar on the right? The eleven days of this month so far. If it continues on the same track for the rest of the month we should have roughly 5,500 visitors this month.

No pressure so :)


  1. Good thing none of us have issues performing under pressure.

  2. SL you always know how to give me a dilemma (or for any Celebrity Big Brother 07 fans, dimela*). First it was the get together vs public humiliation, I mean exposure. Now it's stats-tastic statistics vs public humiliation, I mean exposure.

    * Jade Goody's ma was called to the diary room in a surprise eviction. Que BB in serious voice "the housemates were given a dilemma.."
    Jackie "what's a dimela?"
    Pause - as the BB team try to contain their laughter. See 0.56:

  3. What a great number of people, pity they lurk so much or do they? the thing I would be interested in is if these are unique ip hits or us just hitting every hour or so.

    SL have you thought about implementing Google Analytics to see where our traffic comes from how many unique hits we get what search words bring people here etc.

    Make me an admin so I can alter the code on the main page and I can set it up, I can set up a universal email password so we can all go on to check it if we want.

    Its free and very nice to use and for folk into stats its like porn gets you all hot and horny.