Monday, February 11, 2008

Tib made it too

The blog awards lists keep going and tibs post "He Alone is an Acute Observer….." has also got through the first round. From what I have been told a few of the categories will have a second shortening these are "most humorous post", "Best blog post", "best blog" and "best photoblog" (grrr) the rest of the categories are all the final final shortlists, so congrats again to everyone and now tib aswell, keep an eye on the awards page for further updates.


  1. Bloody thrilled for him and you all :) But ya knew that already.

    He'll have to come now so ;)

  2. Thank you everyone....

    I'm not going on the following grounds.

    1) I don't want to

    2) I won't win cos the others are actually funny posts

    3) MA has provided me a better offer

    4) I'd have to back down to SL

    5) I might have to get on stage with that bloke from 2FM

  3. Bah humbug Tib, tis a funny night you can chuck shit at your man from 2fm if we get good seats, it does not take much to make him crumble.

  4. Heh heh heh.

    Why do we love to make people do what they don't want to do?

    And I knew these micro posts would catch on!

  5. Tib, did HO tell you my secret plan for the undercover newbies? I think it would be great.

    Voodoolady - any chance of you making it over from Oz for the night?

  6. I don't think he did but I shall kick him in the goolies until he does tomorrow.

  7. Is heckling allowed at the blogs? I like heckling....

  8. Is heckling allowed at the blogs? I like heckling....

  9. Doubtful Milan, doubtful. Also, what makes you think I would risk my anonymity? I still haven't quite decided if you are all weirdos or not!

  10. VD - you can join Tib & I. We're the official splinter group of the people's front of 49£, who seek to maintain our mystique.

  11. What mystique are you on about my next post will expose you all once and for all, I am sick of this anon crap.

    I am finding playing a shanachie really hard and I would think the voodoolady is probably not into that hocus pocus stuff really.

    Anyhow I am going to go back to my seat in the bar on inis mor and tell another story.


  12. Write the book Tib! I'm not gonna leave you alone about that now!