Friday, February 29, 2008

Workers at some companies....

have learned that blind people can compete (Curtis Chong)

Dublin like many other cities is a place rich in characters, people we have all seen at some point, laughed, pointed or stared at. Weirdos and madsers who unite us - The Dancing Aul One on O'Connell Street, Pat Ingoldsby peddling his poetry on O'Connell Bridge, the ticket tout with only one leg who used to knock around outside The Point, Matt The Jap (RIP), Aidan Walsh...there's bound to be more. The individuals who we could have a conversation about in the pub with a bunch of people who we've never met before.

I have a new addition to add to the list - The Blind Prostitute Of Phibsboro. I never knew she existed until tonight (no not in that way!). I was at the Bohs pre-season friendly at Dalymount where I overheard a couple of lads in the queue for Leo Burdock's talking about her. Her existance has since been confirmed by a mate of mine who lives in the area. Apparently she operates above the sex shop over the road from St Peter's Church. Aren’t there such so many questions you could ask?


  1. Part of me thinks this is funny.

    And another part of me comes over all PC and just thinks, well, it's someone who's blind and is a prostitute. Why not? Is it any more remarkable than being a blind solicitor or whatever?

  2. When you think about it if we move even further down the road of PC-nazism there'll be no room left for comedy cause so much of it is about taking the piss out of people.

    It is classic comedy though, the Blind Prostitute of Phibsboro - there's a ballad of yore in there. We need Shan to sing it for us in his special way.